Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems

VINNOVA - Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems - is Sweden’s innovation agency. Our mission is to promote sustainable growth by improving the conditions for innovations, as well as funding needs-driven research.

VINNOVA’s vision is for Sweden to be a world-leading country in research and innovation, an attractive place in which to invest and conduct business. We promote collaborations between companies, universities, research institutes and the public sector. We do this by stimulating a greater use of research, by making long-term investment in strong research and innovation milieus and by developing catalytic meeting places. VINNOVA’s activities also focus on strengthening international cooperation. In order to increase our impact, we are also dedicated to interacting with other research financiers and innovation-promoting organisations.

VINNOVA is a Swedish government agency working under the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications and acts as the national contact agency for the EU Framework Programme for R&D. About 200 people work at VINNOVA’s offices in Stockholm and Brussels.

VINNOVA was founded in January 2001. Our Director General is Charlotte Brogren.


VINNOVA manages programmes for strengthening Sweden’s innovativeness. The programmes have different specialisms and cover several areas of society and industries. The programmes target actors in society who are important for Sweden’s innovativeness, such as knowledge-intense companies, universities, colleges, research institutes and actors within the public sector.


The international dimension is central to all of VINNOVA’s activities. In all its operational fields, VINNOVA sees international competitiveness and international co-operation as integral parts of its objectives and strategies.

VINNOVA has the national responsibility for providing information and advice on Horizon 2020 - EU's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The agency is also the National Co-ordinator (NCC) for COST and the Swedish co-ordinator for both EUREKA and Eurostars and runs the national EUREKA office.

The Brussels office is a part of the International Collaboration and Networks division of VINNOVA. We facilitate contacts with the European Commission and other countries R&D offices based in Brussels. Further, the Brussels office has a wide contact network in Brussels and we follow and analyze the European Research and Innovation Policy. We are also pro-active in promoting Swedish interests in Brussels through strategic communication and facilitating for stakeholder influence. 


Companies, universities, research institutes, public sector, researchers.

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