About IGLO

IGLO is an informal association of Brussels-based non-profit R&D Liaison Offices. The aim of IGLO is to facilitate and enhance the interaction, information exchange and co-operation between Members of IGLO, their national research systems and the European institutions on issues related to EU RTD, in particular, the Framework Programme.

This website describes the purpose and structure of each office. Each is set up slightly differently, reflecting the needs of the parent organisations in each country, but all have the common goal of promoting participation in European research programmes.

The offices:

  • Disseminate targeted, timely advice and information on research funding opportunities
  • Facilitate contacts and act as a user-friendly interface between the scientific community and the European institutions
  • Interact proactively with the European Commission and other Brussels contacts
  • Monitor developments in research, innovation and education policy
  • Provide the European Commission and other Brussels contacts with information about the research and training community in each country
  • Provide a partner search service

The offices also work together through regular meetings of IGLO, to exchange information, to debate new developments with key contacts and to promote collaboration and the sharing of best practice. IGLO also aims to act as a platform to bring together research, innovation and higher education policy makers and managers from across Europe.

The IGLO web site features:

  • Links to all IGLO member offices, with mission statements, services and contact details
  • IGLO partner search, a service allowing researchers to disseminate details of a proposes research project and/or research skills to researchers in the countries of the IGLO member offices
  • Free access to a range of newsletters from different countries in several languages, providing the latest information on European research policies and programmes
  • Links to further information sources on the EU Framework Programmes and the European Research Area¬†