The various IGLO activities contribute to facilitating and to strengthening the interactions, exchange of information and cooperation between IGLO Members, their national research systems and the European Institutions on issues related to EU RTD, in particular the Framework Programme.

There are several types of activities, such as “IGLO Core" meetings, “IGLO Open" meetings, “IGLO Open Special”meetings, “IGLO Working Groups” and IGLO internal training sessions.


  • IGLO Core is composed of all IGLO member organisations, represented by the head of office or deputy, with the strictlimitation to one representative per IGLO Member.
  • IGLO Core meetings are held on a regular basis, every month, and are hosted by Members on the basis of a rotating schedule.
  • On a consensus basis, IGLO Core assumes the following responsibilities: approval of the “rules of procedure”, appointment of the Secretary & the Secretariat, approval of any new membership to IGLO; approval of the plan of IGLO activities as proposed by the Secretary; approval of Working Groups; approval of written documents.


  • Every month, after the IGLO Core meeting, a session of information on issues related to EU RDT is organised by the member hosting the IGLO Core meeting, on a rotating schedule. IGLO Open meetings involve relevant speakers, especially from the European Commission and other institutions.
  • Attendance at IGLO Open meetings is open only to the collaborators of IGLO Members.

IGLO Open Special

  • IGLO Open Special is organised by Working Groups or any IGLO office willing to initiate it.
  • Participation rules are the same as for the IGLO Open.

IGLO Working Groups

  • Working Groups can be initiated by any Member and are established by IGLO Core.
  • Working Group meetings take place on a regular basis. They serve as pools of expertise and allow for the mutual exchange on specific topics, possibly involving the respective contact persons from the European Commission, theEuropean Parliament or the European Council.
  • For the time being, eight Working Groups are active:
    • Marie Sklodowska Curie Actions
    • Higher Eductation
    • European Research Council
    • Innovation- Industrial Partnership
    • FP Implementation
    • Regional Policy
    • International Cooperation
    • R&I on Security and related Topics

In 2003, IGLO introduced ERA in Action as a means of facilitating the introduction and implementation of the European Research Area. ERA in Action aims to provide a platform of discussion for research policy makers and research managers, allowing them to share best practice and experience on subject areas of relevance to the European Research Area (ERA) and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). 
For further information about the ERA in Action events, please contact your respective IGLO office.

Examples of recent ERA in Action meetings are:

  • Financial Auditing in FP6 and FP7
  • Impact Assessment on European Framework Programmes in the European Research Area
  • Simplified methods and certified methodologies in FP7
  • National experience in the preparation of the full-cost model
  • Gender Action Plan for FP6
  • Consortium Agreement for FP6

IGLO training & Best Practice

An IGLO Working Group was settled to organise internal workshops for the exchange of experience on practical issues related to the Framework Programme, such as proposal preparation, financial management, contractual issues, IPR, etc.

IGLO Spring Reception

IGLO organises an annual networking event called “IGLO Spring Reception”, bringing together all IGLO members as well as representatives from European Institutions and other organisations or networks concerned with European research policy.