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Some basic documents

Communication of the European Commission: "Europe 2020: a strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth" – COM(2010)2020

EC communication: "Reviewing Community innovation policy in a changing world" COM(2009)442

Decision of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (2007-2013) - No 1639/2006/EC

Commission’s communication: “Putting knowledge into practice: A broad-based innovation strategy for the EU” – COM(2006)502

Implementing the Community Lisbon Programme: “More Research and Innovation - Investing for Growth and Employment” – COM(2005)488

Communication to the Spring European Council: ”Working together for growth and jobs - A new start for the Lisbon Strategy”– COM(2005)24

Commission’s Communication: “Innovation policy: updating the Union's approach in the context of the Lisbon strategy” – COM(2003)212


Further documents on Innovation Policy are available on the website of DG Enterprise and Industry.


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